33.99 records was a temporary, instant and one-of-a-kind record label by Jan Zimmermann, Derek Holzer, Sara Kolster and Meik the Mischer. During 11 days alongside Club Transmediale, 99 seven-inch records were cut with different artists from the program and visitors to the studio, each containing a unique performance, improvisation or moment in time recorded directly to vinyl.

Participants in 33.99 ranged from from well-known international club acts such as A Guy Called Gerald and Patrick Catani (EC8TOR/DHR) and local breakcore heroes Society Suckers, Istanbul's militant orientalist Serhat Koksal (2/5BZ) and Japanese break-sensei Ove_Naxx, to performance collective Collumn One, UK journalist Phillip Sherburn (The Wire), electronic music ensembles NBI Orchestra and the Laptop Orchestra, sonic experimentalist Francisco Lopez and outsider magician Goodiepal, as well as scores of other artists located in Berlin or just passing through for Transmediale.

Experiments with the technique of vinyl-cutting, including locked grooves and using the cutting machine as a "tape delay" were encouraged, as was any intervention into the technical process of the making records. The project was also an experiment in the social sense, as each participant took a very different relationship to the creative process, artist/technician dynamic and to the tools of production. The records were sold at the Dense shop in the Club Maria during Club Transmediale. Remaining records can be purchased for EUR 33 each. See TRACKS for availability and CONTACT for details.

33.99 Records was a co-production of Jan Zimmermann, Umatic.nl, M12/Visomat, Dense Records and Club Transmediale.